Grappa di Barbera Riserva 50° Anniversario


“Sinquantesim” is a grappa of Barbera distillate for the Fiftieth anniversary of the winery. The ageing in barrique made from different oaks gives to the grappa the typical amber colour and enhances the aromas of the grape of which it is made from.

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Thanks to the cooperation with the historical Berta Distillery, The Grappa di Barbera of the fiftieth Anniversary has born.

Thanks to an ageing period in barriques, the result is an amber color and enhance the aromas of the grapes from which it originates.
The result is a pure “Barbera” eau-de-vie, exclusively obtained from Barbera grapes, which keeps a strong and generous character with an extraordinary refinement.
Aged in small barriques.


0,70 L

Grape variety



Grappa di Barbera Riserva 50° Anniversario

Alcohol content

42% vol.

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