Big Bench

Vinchio Vaglio Big Bench No 94 

A Big Red Bench, the same colour as Barbera wine, par excellence in Vinchio Vaglio – with a silver-grey support, referencing quicksilver, a strong symbolism to the energy the local winegrowers need when tending their steep vineyards. 

The bench is located on the highest hill in Vinchio, on the border with the nearby Vaglio Serra. From the bench you can enjoy stunning views ranging from Vinchio’s bell tower, surrounded by the Alps with the Monviso peak, all the way down to the Apennines. At sunset, the sun disappears between the King of Stone (Monviso) and the bell tower creating an enchanting and unforgettable atmosphere. Children can also enjoy these stunning views by climbing up the wooden steps on the side of the bench. The Sarmassa Valley Nature Reserve car park is only a short walking distance away.

For nature lovers we recommend the natural path of the Nests’ Trail, which starts at the winery and crosses woodlands and vineyards. Then take a break and sit around the picnic tables, inside or outside in the “Nests”, handmade willow structures shaped like nests. 

Before leaving you can ask the staff at the winery to stamp your “Big Bench Passport” with the Vinchio Veglio Big Bench No 94 stamp. 

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