2023 Harvest report: the dawn of new viticulture

It would be unthinkable nowadays not to acknowledge the climate changes that have been taking place in recent years. Having become aware of this, acting to protect our planet and thinking as a community are the ingredients that lead us to speak of the 2023 grape harvest as the dawn of a new season forRead more ⟶

Harvest report 2022: the surprise ending of a unique journey

From grapes to wine, from the vine to the table, from the earth to the glass, from the hands of the winegrower to those of the consumer: this is the story of the journey that sees a single bunch of grapes become a great wine. And like any self-respecting great story, last year’s harvest reservedRead more ⟶

Grape harvest of 2021 report: balance and confidence for an excellent result

2021 really kept us on our toes, from all points of view. It is impossible to talk about the grape harvest without taking into consideration what happened, between the pandemic dragging on and the sudden climate changes that are increasingly affecting our country and beyond. Balance and confidence. These are the words that have accompaniedRead more ⟶