The Nests

Vinchio is my Nest

Davide Lajolo

It was the words of writer and politician Davide Lajolo, of Vinchio, that encouraged us to build a nature trail in the Vaglio Serra area. It starts from the courtyard of our winery and joins up with other existing routes across the Sarmassa Valley Nature Reserve and the Big Bench – different areas with different characteristics have come together to pursue a common goal: To protect and preserve the natural heritage that surrounds our vineyards.

The Vinchio Vaglio company has purchased a portion of woodland between the winery and the Sarmassa Valley Nature Reserve. The old path has been restored and trestle tables and drinking fountains added. The peculiar “nests”, handmade willow structures, offer shelter from the hot sun and wind, and our guests sat around the picnic tables can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding areas in a friendly atmosphere.

It was our President, Lorenzo Giordano, who first came up with the idea of the “nests” and the architect Andrea Capellino immediately gave the idea life by sketching one on a paper napkin during an enjoyable Barbera tasting experience. Now the “nests” have become reality and are very popular for the enjoyment of our visitors.

Due to the current COVID19 regulations, restrictions may apply. Please contact Vinchio Vaglio via email at or via phone on 0141-950903 for general information or accessibility.

The trails are accessible during the store’s opening times (or with advance booking):

Monday – Friday: 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm

Saturday: 8:30am-12:30pm and 3pm-6pm

Sunday: 10:00am-12:30pm