Vinchio Vaglio

The Nest of Barbera

In the heart of Monferrato

The story of Vinchio and Vaglio Serra is the story of their inhabitants’ love for Monferrato, a difficult land, meagre, with sheer slopes, whose steep, overhanging vines at the edge of the woods have been cultivated at the price of unspeakable toil.

A land where every drop of the ‘ruby of Vinchio’, as Barbera is usually called, is equivalent to a thousand, and perhaps they are few, drops of sweat shed. Yet, so much dedication is repaid precisely with what the vineyard gives back: rare and exceptional grapes.

Because on these hills the sun shines all day long, frost and fog are absent and the rows of vines only shadow themselves from dawn to dusk. Great wines are born on these hills.

Cantina Cooperativa since 1959

The Cantina Cooperativa Vinchio Vaglio was founded in 1959 as a response to an extremely punitive economic situation for peasant labour: it was the 19 founding members themselves who took part in the construction of the building that still houses the Cantina today.

Today, there are about 200 members, owners of almost 500 hectares of vineyards who carry on the same spirit, presenting themselves to the future as a model of winegrowing excellence. This is how the hard work of the members blends with the technical-agronomic assistance of the Cantina, leading to wines that receive prestigious awards from international critics every year.

cantina cooperativa Vinchio Vaglio

The wines of Vinchio Vaglio

Our vineyards are cultivated with Barbera and other typical local vines, such as Dolcetto, Cortese, Grignolino, Nebbiolo, Brachetto, Moscato, Freisa and Bonarda, without neglecting some international vines that are well suited to our hillsides, such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Viognier.

All the wines of the winery

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The Cellar narrates

“Vinchio is my cradle. I was born there in the blond wheat season. My father and mother must have planted their roots deep in this hilly land, ancestral roots, mischievous, even morbid.
Every time I left, I left my heart and feelings in the village, as if I could only breathe free in that dust, in that air of friendly plants, in the straight line following the rows of vines, as if only in these places could I wander with my imagination from one hill to another and rise up.
This is my land, it’s like a woman that I like so much, that I feel is mine and that no one can take away from me”.

Davide Lajolo, Italian writer, politician and journalist born in Vinchio in 1912.