Italian Premium Gin

Gin del Presidente – Italian Premium Gin

Il nostro Gin distillato unicamente con bacche di ginepro italiano ha un gusto classico con una piacevole nota botanica data dal rosmarino piemontese della Valle Bormida.

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A little history: Gin production is based on the distillation of juniper berries, a plant of the coniferous family known for millennia for its properties. Primitive humans ate its berries, while the Egyptians used them for embalming. A collection of treaties called the “Compendium Salernita”, starting in 1055, demonstrates that, in the Middle Ages, monks and apothecaries produced a cordial based on brandy and juniper used for its healing qualities, which could be described as a sort of pre-gin. Only in 1552 do we find mention for the first time of a drink called “Juniper Water” by an Antwerp doctor, Philippus Hermanni, almost a century before his Dutch colleague, Franciscus Sylvius, who is considered by many to be the inventor of gin with his “genoa”. The style of gin that we know today was developed in England, where the Dutch introduced it in 1585, following the fall of Antwerp. Until 1751, when it was taxed to cut down fraud and alcohol abuse, the low cost and poor quality of English gin, used more to get drunk than for the pleasure of drinking, ensured that this product earned a bad reputation.

Our Gin: Today, gin is undergoing a period of great growth in quality and image as a drink that lends itself to the creativity of distillers, who indulge themselves in the use of botanicals from all over the world and often very local ingredients, and as in the case of our gin, at the base of which we have Italian juniper berries and rosemary entirely from Valle Bormida in Piedmont.

Tasting notes: With its crystalline colour, our gin stands out for the delicate juniper and balsamic notes developed thanks to the botanicals. On the palate, it remains dry and tasty with a complex flavour of juniper, rosemary and a slight hint of citrus, balanced and intense.


0,70 L


Italian Premium Gin

Alcohol content

40% vol.


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