V.S.Q. Brut

I Tre Vescovi Rosé

Description: The name is the outcome of an inspired insight that refers to an extraordinary “cru”, the Tre Vescovi, the location where the boundaries meet of the dioceses of Acqui Terme, Alessandria and Asti.

A sparkling wine produced with the classic method, it is not only the result of a particular technique but a long and fascinating history.

The story of our Tre Vescovi begins before the harvest when the choice of the grapes is made with discernment in order to ensure a raw material of excellent quality, perfectly health and properly ripe with high but not excessive sweetness.

Harvest: The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes around the last ten days of August in order to keep the grapes perfectly intact on their arrival in the cellar. The harvest is conducted in the morning in order to deliver the product still very fresh to the Cellar in the afternoon.

Vinification: The grapes undergo soft pressing following the static decanting of the must at 10 °C for around 48 hours. Alcoholic fermentation begins in steel tanks before being transferred to barriques and lasts around 20 days.

Ageing: The wine is stored in barriques on the fine lees for three months. It is then aged for a month is steel tanks at a temperature of 5 °C.

Second fermentation: The “tirage” operation is conducted when the wine has undergone a second fermentation in the bottle lasting around 36 months. Then “degorgement” takes place and, at this point, it is ready for a final period of rest for six months before being placed on the market.

Pairings: Appetizers, raw seafood, seafood salads, fresh, mild fresh blue-veined cheese.

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

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This Spumante is produced with a classic method and it’s the result of technology, but represents a long fascinating story. The story of our I Tre Vescovi starts before the harvest with the selection of the vineyards, done with care and attention, in order to have the best quality grapes, perfectly and properly ripe with a correct and not excessive richness of sugar. The grapes, handipicked in small cases, are softly pressed to get 50% of “first juice” from the starting quantity.

After natural decanting, the “first juice” is fermented at temperature controlled in small oak barrels for a period of three months. This period is followed by the most important process to make this wine.
I Tre Vescovi, already brilliant and stable, with addiction of sugar and selected yeasts, is now bottled, sealed with a special cork and fermented for second time in conditioned dark environment with a tempe- rature between 15°-18° C.
After 24 months the process of degorgement begins and the final stage in production is to remove the death yeasts from the bottle, to apply the traditional mushroom cork. Our I Tre Vescovi Spumante is now ready to enjoy!
It has a pale rosè color with yellow reflections that reminds the French “ peau d’oignon”, with an elegant complex bouquet, bread crust scents, and pleasant fruity notes, all blended together in a perfect harmony. It has a sapid taste with pleasant vanilla note on final, a great structure and long last finish.


0,75 L


V.S.Q. Brut

Alcohol content

12,5% vol.

Grape: Native Piedmontese variety.

Soil: Limy – sandy.

Altitude: 250 m. above sea level

Exposure: North-east.

Vine training – density: Guyot. 5000 vines per hectare.

Allergens: Contains Sulphites.

2 sarmenti

Vitae La Guida Vini 2020 – 2 prunings


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