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I Tre Vescovi Rosé


“I Tre Vescovi Rosè” is a Metodo Classico. The colour is a pale pink with golden yellow hues which reminds in French “peau d’oignon” (onion peel). The nose is complex, elegant with hints of breadcrumbs and pleasant fruity aromas and well-balanced. On the palate, the wine is savoury, vibrant with a good structure and a long and nice vanilla aroma on the finish.

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This Spumante is produced with a classic method and it’s the result of technology, but represents a long fascinating story. The story of our I Tre Vescovi starts before the harvest with the selection of the vineyards, done with care and attention, in order to have the best quality grapes, perfectly and properly ripe with a correct and not excessive richness of sugar. The grapes, handipicked in small cases, are softly pressed to get 50% of “first juice” from the starting quantity.

After natural decanting, the “first juice” is fermented at temperature controlled in small oak barrels for a period of three months. This period is followed by the most important process to make this wine.
I Tre Vescovi, already brilliant and stable, with addiction of sugar and selected yeasts, is now bottled, sealed with a special cork and fermented for second time in conditioned dark environment with a tempe- rature between 15°-18° C.
After 24 months the process of degorgement begins and the final stage in production is to remove the death yeasts from the bottle, to apply the traditional mushroom cork. Our I Tre Vescovi Spumante is now ready to enjoy!
It has a pale rosè color with yellow reflections that reminds the French “ peau d’oignon”, with an elegant complex bouquet, bread crust scents, and pleasant fruity notes, all blended together in a perfect harmony. It has a sapid taste with pleasant vanilla note on final, a great structure and long last finish.


0,75 L


V.S.Q. Brut

Alcohol content

12,5% vol.

2 sarmenti

Vitae La Guida Vini 2020 – 2 prunings


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