2020 Harvest report

It is difficult to write about this year’s harvest without thinking about all that happened. 2020 has been a very difficult year when we witnessed the beginning of a global pandemic, a real trial with many challenges for all of us. 

Luckily nature has been on our side, we have had an excellent harvest, a fantastic grapevine-growing and a good wine-producing year despite rather volatile weather conditions. 

Autumn was rainy but with no heavy snowfalls to cool the ground temperature. 

Spring, on the contrary, was warm and muggy with heavy rainfalls during its first months.

The growth cycle of the vines has been regular; however, the humidity and heavy rainfalls has meant that extra care was needed to tend our grapevines.

Summer was mild, the perfect climate, with hot days followed by cooler nights – optimum conditions for the grapevines to grow and mature.  

With the first half of September being very hot, allowing the grapes to ripen, and light rainfalls during the second half of the month, giving the grapes an enhanced aroma, the harvest season was extended, from 22nd August to 9th October.

The results have been excellent! Our red wines have turned out to be bold, elegant, and well-structured, while our white wines boast a highly concentrated aromas, a high degree of freshness as well as sapidity and a superb drinkability.

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