Piemonte D.O.C. Bonarda Frizzante


“Mie Gioie” Piemonte DOC Bonarda is produced from 100% Bonarda grapes. It is a slightly fizzy red wine with a bright ruby red colour, with persistent fruity aromas, a good structure and soft tannins.

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This piedmontese typical ancient vine, in our area, is still cultivated only in some well exposed vineyards, mostly situated in Incisa Scapaccino village.

This wine represents for our firm an “oenological curiosity”, therefore, we produce only a low number of bottles of this variety. It increases our range of products and allows our clients to find a bottle of this wine, which is now a rarity in our area. This fizzy full-bodied wine has a bright ruby-red colour, a long-lasting bouquet, slightly tannic.


0,75 L



Grape variety



Piemonte D.O.C. Bonarda Frizzante

Alcohol content

12,5% vol.

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