Vino Aromatizzato


“Pancratium” is an amazing meditation wine aromatized with aromatizzato con estratti di Cinchona calisaya, Rhubarb, Gentianella and spices. This is the perfect pairing with dark chocolate.

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Long ago, in 1959, an enterprising group of wine growers founded the Enopolio (wine growers’ co-operative) and chose as their location the “San Pancrazio” valley, right on the border between the municipalities of Vinchio and Vaglio Serra, close to the small San Pancrazio’s Sanctuary.

Since then the wine growers of Vinchio & Vaglio Serra have overcome very difficult periods making sacrifices to continue to produce marvelous grapes and excellent wines.
The wine growers of Vinchio & Vaglio Serra are convinced that if today their co-operative plays a major role in the Italian wine-making industry, it is also thanks to San Pancrazio who watched over the labour of so many people during all these years.

The wine growers of Vinchio & Vaglio Serra dedicate this wine to him, as a token of their gratitude. A “meditation wine” you can enjoy both as aperitif and as digestive, maybe pairing it with plain chocolate.

Allergens: Contains Sulphites.


0,50 L


Vino Aromatizzato

Alcohol content

16% vol.

Allergens: Contains Sulphites.


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