What to do in Monferrato

Monferrato: an intoxicating land!

300,000 hectares of nature amidst rows of verdant vineyards, lush watercourses and ancient villages: this is Monferrato, a land capable of postcard views and great authenticity.

We are definitely biased: Monferrini in our hearts and down to the roots, and this is our very personal tribute to a magnificent land. The thing is, there is not just one Monferrato, but rather millions of them: each place with its own history, its imprint and its character… each corner capable of incredible beauty.

A land to visit, experience and taste.
Monferrato… where the heart feels at home.

Upper and lower Monferrato

Do you know why the area to the south is called Upper Monferrato and the area to the north Lower Monferrato? In the 17th century, the areas towards the river Po were called ‘Upper Monferrato’, while those towards the Apennines were called ‘Lower Monferrato’; it was the Savoy cartographers who reversed the name, taking the altimetric level as a reference.

If you are wondering whether to visit the upper Monferrato or the lower Monferrato, you should know that both areas deserve more than just a weekend! These are territories to be explored at a slow pace, stopping to enjoy the view and to listen to what has been imparted here over the centuries.

The hills of Monferrato Unesco Heritage Site

In 2014, the hills of Monferrato were recognised as a Unesco Heritage Site. A recognition that has sanctioned in the world not only the beauty of our vineyards, but also the tradition, history and culture of the winegrowers who have been taking care of them for centuries.

Who knows what would have happened if, in the 1950s, so many winegrowers had not joined the Cantina Cooperativa, but rather had decided to abandon their vineyards because they were no longer competitive within the modern market… perhaps all this would no longer exist, and that is why we are even more proud of this important recognition.

Visiting the hills of Monferrato is as easy as drinking a glass of Barbera: you may get in your car and wander aimlessly through the beautiful country roads, letting your gaze wander over the horizon, or you can trek along some of the many paths that embellish the area.

The Val Sarmassa Nature Reserve

The bond between Monferrato and the sea is very strong. This was well known by Davide Lajolo, who called the Val Sarmassa the ‘green sea’, but it can also be seen today. Walking through the vineyards, all you have to do is lower your gaze to see shells and fossil remains that hark back to the Pliocene era, when these hills were submerged by water. The 230 hectares of the Reserve include some historic vineyards and testify to the great variety of the floral-faunal heritage, which is fully reflected in the centuries-old oak “La Ru“, the symbol of Val Sarmassa.

The path of the nests

A great way to visit Val Sarmassa is to follow the path of the nests that winds its way from the Vinchio Vaglio winery where, in addition to tables and fountains, you will find the highly original hand-woven willow nests that protect the picnic tables. 

The villages of Monferrato

Naming all the villages of Monferrato would be a difficult task. Often, however, the most authentic emotions are to be found beyond the classic tourist circuits, in villages that are still little-known and in the backstreets. These are some of the places of the heart where you can let time pass by, marked only by the sound of footsteps and the voices of villagers discussing over a good glass of red wine. 

  • Casale Monferrato: leave your car outside the historical centre and lose yourself in the historical capital of Monferrato among the picturesque narrow streets that will take you to visit the Cathedral of Sant’Evasio, the Paleologi Castle, the Civic Tower of Santo Stefano, the Theatre of Casale, the Bistolfi Sculpture Collection and the Civic Museum.
  • Nizza Monferrato: stroll through the quiet medieval old town, browse the local shops and don’t miss the Church of San Giovanni in Lanero and the Town Hall with the Campanon Civic Tower and Palazzo Crova, home to the Regional Enoteca and the Museum of Taste.
  • Moncalvo: with its 3,000 inhabitants, it is the smallest town in Asti and its old town centre is truly delightful, thanks to its slightly retro atmosphere. The view from Piazza Carlo Alberto is super romantic, especially at sunset.
  • Cella Monte: this is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a small Provençal-looking village with sage-coloured porticos and sky-coloured windows. Don’t miss a visit to the ecomuseum of Pietra da Cantoni inside the ancient Palazzo Volta, with its extraordinary 15th-century loggia.
  • Rosignano Monferrato: a delightful scenic village, which has been awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club, where you can stroll through the historic centre at the foot of the castle.
  • Vinchio and Vaglio Serra: the two municipalities that gave birth to our winery, an area rich in curiosities and age-old traditions. In addition to the parish church of San Marco, don’t miss the Unesco belvedere of Rocca Castello, the Davide Lajolo Museum inside the Casa della Memoria, della Resistenza e della Deportazione (House of Memory, Resistance and Deportation) and the literary itineraries of Davide Lajolo in Vinchio and, in Vaglio, the Terrazza Barbera, the Church of San Pancrazio, the Giardino dei Tassi.

Click here if you want to learn more about what to visit in Vinchio and Vaglio Serra.


In Monferrato there are some of the most beautiful castles in all of Italy! Among the most evocative are the Camino Castle, the Uviglie and Razzano castles, the Gavi fortress, the ancient Gabiano Castle and the Montemagno manor of the Calvi Counts of Bergolo, with its baroque portal and underground passages.

The infernots

The infernots are small underground cells carved into the Pietra da Cantoni where wine was once jealously guarded. Today, visiting an infernot is not always easy because most of them only open on special occasions.

The Big Benches of Monferrato

Hunting for Big Benches? You’ve come to the right place, because in Monferrato you can find many, including the Barbera red Big Bench no. 94, located in the most scenic spot in the municipality of Vinchio, with a breathtaking view over the hills that on clear days extends as far as Monviso.

And finally? A wine tasting in Monferrato is a must!

You cannot talk about Monferrato without talking about wine. Or rather: without tasting a Barbera! Because if this territory is so fascinating, it is also thanks to the dominant cultivation of the vine, which in its varieties allows excellent wine production.

We look forward to seeing you in the winery for a tasting or one of our numerous events.

With the arrival of summer, we suggest an idea: a Barbera del Monferrato on ice… you will be amazed! Try it to believe! 

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