Piedmont’s indigenous grape varieties: intertwining wines, vines and lives

The area of Monferrato is renowned across the world for its delicious wines, and a fundamental part of this well-deserved reputation is the fruit of its indigenous grape varieties. These are grapes that tell of a timeless beauty that has been protected by the expert hands of the vine growers, the thick autumn mists andRead more ⟶

Val Sarmassa Nature Reserve: the “green sea”

The Val Sarmassa Nature Reserve surprises with its myriad facets: extraordinary paleontological treasures, natural landscapes of extraordinary beauty, unique panoramic viewpoints, historic vineyards that are more than 50 years old and ancient literary suggestions that bear the signature of Davide Lajolo, writer, partisan and politician from Vinchio. The hill, the vineyard, the forest, the man:Read more ⟶

Vinchio Vaglio is a sustainable winery!

The news deserves the sound of popping our best wine: Vinchio Vaglio is officially a Sustainable Winery! A long journey that supports the value of our decisions. A certification that testifies to our serious commitment to protecting the territory. An officiality that clearly states our direction towards a more sustainable world. Targeted actions towards theRead more ⟶

Bag in Box: the heart of Barbera down to the last drop

Are we really sure that mistrusting the Bag in Box has anything to do with the quality of wine? What if it is instead a social and cultural heritage that is currently clashing with ecological sensibilities and modern consumption? For both still and young wines, according to research by the Unione Italiana Vini, Bag inRead more ⟶

Barbera is a lady who doesn’t age

The 2022 harvest was Vinchio Vaglio’s 63rd vintage. There have been hot years and cold years, dry years and years with too much rainfall, and, fortunately, there have also been balanced vintages between the seasons. For these reasons, however, each vintage is different and each wine tells its own story, even years later. We doRead more ⟶

Sustainability takes the shape of grapes

If sustainability had a shape, what would it be? For Vinchio Vaglio, it would take the shape of a bunch of grapes ripening in the sunshine among the hills of Monferrato. A triangle with three equally important vertices that relate to our pillars: Territory People Economy “Sustainability” is not an empty word to use inRead more ⟶