Vinchio Vaglio is a sustainable winery!

The news deserves the sound of popping our best wine: Vinchio Vaglio is officially a Sustainable Winery!

A long journey that supports the value of our decisions. A certification that testifies to our serious commitment to protecting the territory. An officiality that clearly states our direction towards a more sustainable world.

Targeted actions towards the three pinnacles of sustainability

While it is certainly true that the mission of a company is to create value, Vinchio Vaglio has always reiterated how the ultimate goal of the Cooperative Winery is to enhance the community and the territory, to ensure that the company’s development goes hand in hand with that of the surrounding reality, thus becoming truly sustainable in the long term in economic, environmental and social terms.

We have always advocated that sustainability comes in the shape of grapes.

But it’s not just us saying this: on September 25th, 2015, the United Nations General Assembly defined a Global Programme of Action for Sustainable Development, focused on 17 goals that tell us how essential it is for the future to take targeted and concrete actions to achieve these goals.

The Equalitas Standard

The Equalitas standard certifies sustainability in the wine supply chain according to pinnacles that are measurable by precise indicators. The certification comes in fact directly from “Valoritalia”, a leading company authorised by the MIPAAF for the control and certification of wines with Denomination of Origin, Geographical Indication and with indication of grape variety and/or vintage.

Many are the factors that have been taken into consideration by Equalitas (we recommend to explore them more in-depth on the website), which we can briefly summarize as follows:

  • Environmental, which concerns the carbon footprint, biodiversity and water footprint;
  • Socio-environmental, which covers best agricultural practices in cultivation, processing and bottling;
  • Social, which deals with best practices regarding welfare and workers’ rights, training and relations of coexistence with the territory
  • Economic, which covers relations with employees, suppliers and good business practices.

In this regard, communication practices are also strict to avoid green washing and ensure verifiable, truthful and transparent communication. In this regard, we will soon publish a sustainability report on the objectives we have achieved and the improvements that are planned for the short, medium and long term.

The Equalitas certification mark for Vinchio Vaglio

The Equalitas certification mark certifies the compliance with the SOPD certification standard – Organisers, Producers and Denominations for Sustainability.

More specifically, Equalitas certifies that we are a sustainable winery for the activities of production, processing and ageing of still wines, bottling in glass bottles, Bag in Box conditioning and packaging.

Here you can view all other company certifications.

Vanda Ghignone, Reporting Manager for Vinchio Vaglio Certifications

“The winery’s acquisition of these certifications and their maintenance is evidence of its desire to protect the enormous amount of work behind every single bottle of wine and bag-in-box. Because what ends up on the consumer’s table is WINE, but behind it is the work of many people. Starting from the farmer to the person who delivers that bottle, that bag in box. Our certifications confirm that the entire supply chain is controlled, monitored and protected, as is the environment we live in.”

Towards an increasingly sustainable wine-growing future

With Equalitas, we share a vision of a winegrowing industry approach to sustainability, and, with this certification, we can finally claim to be a fully-fledged Sustainable Winery thanks to our long-established best practices and continuous improvement of our sustainability standards.

But it doesn’t end there…

The certification involves continuous and verifiable improvement, with annual audits certifying the company’s progress throughout the year.

The Equalitas certification is an important milestone for us, to testify to our care for the environment, the community around us and our employees, but it also allows us, from now on, to adopt an internal Sustainability Management System and to publish an Annual Sustainability Report, being able to guarantee to all those who buy our wines and give us their trust, that we will continue to improve for a more sustainable future.

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