Cooperative Winery: when wine means union

It is often said that wine is synonymous with conviviality, yet only in Cooperative Wineries these words actually come to life. In Italy, more than one out of two glasses of wine is produced by cooperative wineries. According to Vivite, in fact, the numbers speak for themselves: 480 wineries, 140.000 united winegrowers, 9.000 employees forRead more ⟶

When the stopper… makes the difference

Choosing the stopper for the bottle of wine is like choosing the right shoe to match the dress… because the details count! When you uncork a bottle of one of Vinchio Vaglio’s wines, you will find different stoppers on different products. Have you ever noticed? People are often curious about the reasons, thinking it’s justRead more ⟶

Grape harvest of 2021 report: balance and confidence for an excellent result

2021 really kept us on our toes, from all points of view. It is impossible to talk about the grape harvest without taking into consideration what happened, between the pandemic dragging on and the sudden climate changes that are increasingly affecting our country and beyond. Balance and confidence. These are the words that have accompaniedRead more ⟶