wine for christmas holiday

For the holiday season… start with wine!

In this story, you can be whoever you want to be: the one who knows they will have to cook for days, the one who never makes a mistake in a pairing, the one who can’t celebrate without wine, but you can also join the team of those who never know what to give as a Christmas present and choose – rightly – the one and only true crowd-pleaser: a bottle of wine.

In short, choose who you want to be, all roads lead to the nectar of the gods anyway. So, this year, why not start thinking about the Christmas holidays from wine?

The menu starts from the glass

Usually one chooses drinks according to the meal, but why not do the opposite and choose what to cook according to the wines you want to open with your loved ones? After all, a good wine can enhance any recipe!

So start with the aperitif: the moment when you start getting into the swing of things requires special attention. You can choose whether to start with a bubble of Alta Langa DOCG Spumante Brut to hear that much-loved sound of the corkscrew, or to impress everyone with a wine-based cocktail: the Rose-infused Gin Fizz, made from Alta Langa DOCG, is perfect to kick off the party.

For lunch or dinner, on the other hand, it’s time to get serious, and you can never go wrong with a good Barbera! So why not propose a tasting of different Barberas? You can start with a young Barbera such as our Sorì dei Mori, which will get your lunch or dinner off to a cheerful start. You can continue with Vigne Vecchie 50 and Vigne Vecchie Barbera Superiore, inviting diners to discover the differences between these two wines made from grapes from the same vineyards, but differing only in the type of ageing (with and without wood), basically a game to discover the best sommelier at the table!

And to finish, our Sei Vigne Insynthesis, the most challenging wine of our production to finish at the top and award the winner! 

For desserts, on the other hand, there are two schools of thought: those who accompany them with a sweet, fresh wine, such as a Moscato, and those who much prefer drier wines to dilute the sweetness. You can go with a Barbera Sei Vigne Insynthesis for dark chocolate desserts or with a Brachetto, the perfect match for white, milk and gianduja chocolate desserts.

The table setting that makes all the difference

Glasses are not just a matter of aesthetics, and the holiday season is the perfect occasion to take the ‘fancy tableware’ out of the cupboards.

If you have different wines planned, each one should have its own glass. As a general rule, the younger a wine is, the smaller the cup width will be; the more structured a wine is, the larger the diameter will be.

But don’t worry, there are glasses that are suited for all occasions and we have talked about them here!

The bottle of wine: the perfect gift

And now we have arrived at gift-giving time: getting started now means saving money and stress, so here is our advice: a good bottle of wine is always a welcome, clever and appropriate gift because it allows you not to be too formal, but to make a good-luck gift that opens up many possibilities.

In this case we recommend, in addition to assessing the value of the bottle and the recipient’s taste, to buy a nice gift box so as to enhance your present even more.

The advice of Valeria Giordano: Hospitality Manager

By far, the most popular gift is our Barbera Superiore I Tre Vescovi, perhaps because it is the best known and always a safe bet. I often recommend pairing it with a versatile bubbly wine such as our Castel Del Mago or my favourite Barbera, Vigne Vecchie 50°, elegant in taste and also in the bottle (but these are personal tastes) or with our Laudana, which is currently witnessing a growing success amongst the female public. If you then want to impress with something original, you can try with our line of sprits such as Vermouth and Gin, whose designer bottles are designed to be reusable.

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